Flex track or Easy snap track for model trains?

Question by monsterman2488: Flex track or Easy snap track for model trains?
I just got started in Model Railroading, and have instantly become fond to it. But I don’t know what I should get? Flex track or the Easy snap track? So far Im thinking Flex track…

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Answer by Bobbie Michelle
Flex track is best if you’re able to work with it. It will give you more flexibility because you’re not limited to curves with fixed radii. If you lay it properly, you will have fewer derailments because you will have fewer joints between sections of track. On the other hand, laying flex track takes more skill because you have to cut the track to fit. You probably will need to file and solder to make good joints. And flex track is more or less permanent, so you can’t rearrange it as easily as you could with sectional track. If flex track isn’t right for you, get the better quality sectional track from Atlas or Bachmann that comes with a base. Aside from looking better, the base helps keep the rails aligned properly, which minimizes derailments. Stay away from cheap snap track, it will just give you headaches.

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