Fascinating suburban trains in Mumbai, India !

I was travelling in Mangala/Lakshadweep Express a few months ago from New Delhi to Trivandrum when came accross this suburban train in the outskirts of Mumbai in a parellel track. We travelled together a few minutes before we overtook that train. This made me study a bit more about the amazing suburban trains of Mumbai: The Suburban Railway System in Mumbai is the most complex,densely loaded and intensively utilized system in the world. It has the highest passenger density in the World – 6.3 million commuters travel everyday. Two zonal Railways, Western Railway (WR) and Central Railway (CR), operate the Mumbai Suburban Railway System. It is spread over an expanse of 319 route kms. The suburban services are run by Electric Multiple Units (EMUs). 191 rakes (train sets) of 9-car and 12-car composition are utilized to run a total of 2226 train services. It is operated on 1500 Volt DC power supply from overhead catenary. Follow this url- en.wikipedia.org to learn more about Mumbai suburban railway.
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