Explore the Adventuresome Bachmann Royal Gorge ho scale train set

Operating in breathtaking country is the actual Royal Gorge scenic railroad and the Bachmann Royal Gorge ho scale train set. This model train set is made with the adventurer in mind and is waiting for you to explore it.

The Bachmann Royal Gorge ho scale train set is patterned after the Royal Gorge train in Canon City, Colorado. Anyone who has ever been to the Royal Gorge knows it is a wonderous sight that will take your breath away. The Royal Gorge is located forty five minutes from Colorado Springs, Colorado and two hours from Denver, Colorado. The actual Royal Gorge train in Canon City, Colorado is a great scenic railroad that takes you on a two hour ride through the Royal Gorge. The Denver & Rio Grande railroad had access to the Royal Gorge starting in 1879 so this railroad has been around a long time and runs twenty four miles through the one thousand foot deep Royal Gorge. The Arkansas River runs along side this train. If you are a nature lover, there are many species of animals you will be able to observe on your train ride.


You are probably reading this article because you are interested in model trains, so now that you know some of the background of this train, time to learn about this Bachmann Royal Gorge ho scale train set. This set runs on Bachmann ez track and uses ez mate couplers. The layout is a sixty three inch by forty five oval and the train set has sixteen pieces of twenty two inch radius curved track to go along with three pieces of straight track and one plug in terminal rerailer.

Pulling the Royal Gorge train is a brightly colored orange, black and silver f7-a locomotive that has operating headlights. This ho scale train set also has a powered f7-b locomotive and is painted with the bright orange with black and silver trim colors. The f7-a locomotive has Royal Gorge printed on the side of it.

Behind the f7-b locomotive is the smooth side coach which has Royal Gorge Train printed on it. This orange, black and silver smooth side passenger coach is a very sleek looking ho scale train car and will enhance any ho scale train layout.

Last but not least we have a full dome passenger car pulling up the rear of the train. This is a very nice looking car and compliments the smooth side passenger car. The full dome passenger car has Royal Gorge Train printed on it against the orange on the car and it too, has black and silver as trim colors.

To help you learn how to operate your Bachmann Royal Gorge ho scale train set is an illustrated instruction manual that will help the novice model railroader and provide assistance to even an experienced model railroader.

If you are just starting out in model railroading or you are an old pro, the Bachmann Royal Gorge ho scale train set will get you started in the right direction or will be a great adddition to your ho scale model train layout. The possibilities are endless with the landscape you choose to create with this train. Enjoy this Royal Gorge train set and happy model railroading.

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