Expert Model railroader help?

Question by Shadow: Expert Model railroader help?
i have been looking but i cannot find how to make a custom made HO track for my layout. any advice?
i am lookin for a company that would be able to make custom made code 83 switches.

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Answer by Samurai Hoghead
No expert here, but we built roadbeds in the sixties and seventies. I cannot find any rail stock (used to get 3′ lengths), milled roadbed or cross-ties, both of which had to have the ties creosoted by hand before laying the rail by hand, spike to spike.

The next best thing today is track from a high end retailer that offers Shinohara or Peco track and switches. Cut length to fit here, fastened to cork, and apply ballast. Code 83 is recommended in HO scale.

If ya find some supplies, please let me know.

Sorry I wasn’t much help.

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