eligibility for air hostess. is training important?

Question by kittylitter: eligibility for air hostess. is training important?
im 5’7″, done modelling earlier (only to pay for my own fees while in college) and currently pursuing animation studies. but now i am tired of my animation course and the guys are far more talented than my student work and i feel demoralised and accept that while animation industry may b tough for me, job of an air hostess might prove to be better for me.
i know that i am well groomed, know the ethics and meet all the requirements for an air hostess. i am also aware that the job is only glamorous on the outside and that, an air hostess has to take rude passengers in her stride and yet b as polite and stuff..
i have heard about various air hostess training n grooming institutes that help the girls get through with interviews and get selected. but i dont intend to do that because i feel most of them are only doing business and cheat the girls with high course fees.
i would like to know if the airlines’ recruiters only select candidates who have done the grooming courses from those “air hostess training” sort of institutes, or can i walk into an interview right away?
kindly let me know.
i am already 22.. in2-3years, even airlines wont look at me for recruitment, lol. so i need to make a quick decision..
thanx. . 🙂 all answers will b appreciated and the rude ones shall b reported. lol
please be genuine. i alone know right now how confused i am. thank you once again.

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i had some cousin do the training a few years back. It’s more then just grooming. it trains you in how to use all the safety equipment on the plane and stuff. which gets you certain certifications which i believe you need to have. Even with all the certifications he still wasn’t able to get a job though because the airlines just really aren’t hiring much for it. So for the positions that do open, the one with the more certifications and trainings looks the best to hire.

good luck. sorry i couldn’t remember more detail from when he was telling me all about it

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