Electric Train Sets – The Big Big Train

It consisted of a variety of battery powered locomotives running on bright red plastic track and the large scale meant that the system was more suitable for younger children than the more fiddly 00 gauge trains available from Hornby.

While production ceased in the UK in 1972, the tools were bought by Novo Toys, who restarted manufacture in the USSR from 1975 until the early 1980s.

Of the range of sets available, none of the locomotives has the detail or finish of the Hornby train sets and in quite primary coloured plastic, the items are all quite crude looking. The locomotives include a 0-6-0 steam engine – probably the best looking of the models available – a 0-4-0 diesel shunter, a 0-4-0 steam engine and a Hymek diesel mainline named the “Blue Flyer”.

These models were available in a number of different sets, each including track and depending on the theme, one of the locomotives and a variety of rolling stock. These included the mining depot, No. 1 train set (with open and side tipping wagons), a passenger set with two coaches, lumber camp, goods set, freight set and zoo set.

One of the features of the Big Big Train electric train sets was the side switches on the locomotive. If you flipped the switch on one side it would stop; if you flipped it in the other direction it would change direction, often resulting in a catastrophic derailment.

The switches were activated by a device that you attached to the track; depending on which side you placed it, the device would either stop the train or reverse it. One neat bit of the design was that the switch was set to only activate the switch in one direction – I the train approached in one direction it would continue, but in the other direction it would stop or reverse, depending on which side of the track the device was set.

This meant that rather than the typical model railway circuit layout, a single line of track could be laid and – providing the switch flipping mechanism worked correctly – the train could be set to automatically reverse before running out of track.

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