Easy Realistic Scenery For Model Railroads Part 5

***READ FIRST*** Hello people. In another attempt to make another pathetic video, I show you how to join the scenery of two tables together without it looking like a pathetic mess. In this video I show my method and technique to add vegitation scenery to the layout. The previous video showed you how to prepare the layout for this process. I use woodland scenics fine turf, as well as coarse turf. I use green grass, burnt grass, and light green colors. Since this video I have found that it is a lot easier to make the turf stick by first applying hair spray to the surface, and then apply the turf. Apply more hair spray, then allow it to dry over night. Once it is dry apply scenic cement to seal for good. The next video will show you what it should like when its all done. Thanks for watching, please rate, comment, subscribe, and watch more videos!e

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