Does it really matter if I use trackbed with HO model railroad tracks (Code 100)?

Question by AJ: Does it really matter if I use trackbed with HO model railroad tracks (Code 100)?
I was deciding on whether or not to get some track bed because I’m getting some things that involve trackwork for Christmas. I was debating and decided to ask the people of Yahoo Answers for this. So, if roadbed really does make a difference, what would be the best brand and/or type to go with? Also, what would I want to do about a bridge because I’m planning for a bridge on my layout? Would I just cut if off at the bridge section, or bring the roadbed through the bridge? Please let me know if I need to add details. Thanks for your input, A.J. (Gonfiantini)

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Answer by PM Railfan
well roadbed is nice. gives you a base to not only lay track, but also to give a shape to ballasting it. however it is totally not required. ive always used Atlas roadbed and never had a problem with it. as far as your bridge goes youll want to end the roadbed. i wouldnt carry it across the bridge. it wouldnt look right and in most cases ( depending on the type of bridge ) you wouldnt need it. a stone arch would use it as opposed to an open girder type which wouldnt. actually some real bridges you can see right thru the tracks down below. remember, its not the ballast that supports the track. as bridges prove. its the roadbed under the ballast. but in model railroading that support is not required at all. its mostly for sound deadening and looks. somefolks actually lay track right on homasote or other soft sound deadening media.

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