Does AnyOne Feel Betrayed By UFC?

Question by ghulet05: Does AnyOne Feel Betrayed By UFC?
What the Heck….Did anyone watch UFC on 4-12-07 the Dana and Tito Rival..OMG …Can you belive that they let us sit through an hour 1/2 of “Dana Training” Only to Dissapoint Us in the End!! I “was” a really big Fan of Ufc Since The Early Gracie Days..But This Really Turned Me OFF..I Was Just Wondering if any Other UFC Fans Felt as DISAPPOINTED as I was…It Was Almost Like “Dana” Was Toying with us..I cant believe they actually Aired that crap…The Only Reason I Watched To the End because i was EXPECTING a FIGHT..Please if anyone Else Felt or Feels the same way Let me and the WORLD know…

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Answer by Dan T
Ya it isn’t fighting it’s just a lot of hugging.

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