do you think that there is a “set” age for a child to be potty trained?

Question by giggles: do you think that there is a “set” age for a child to be potty trained?
my husband’s mother is starting to get on MY case about MY daughter.
My daughter is showing signs of readyness, but everytime I put her on the potty, she dose nothing! All she wants to do is get down.
I feel as though I should wait until she is more ready and more willing. I don’t want to push her into doing something she’ll hate me for. (I know she won’t keep hating me, it just feels like it.)
And as for pushing her for the sack of pre-school, forget it! School for her starts in Kindergarden, age 5. Trust me she’ll be trained by then!
how do I start? addvice anyone?
Please help!!!

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Answer by 36 weeks with baby #1(Noah)
No, there shouldn’t be and isn’t a set age for children to be potty trained. All children develop differently and at different paces. While one may potty train at 2 another may not start until age 3.

You’re right in not pushing her, as that will only hinder the process. Just keep an eye on her with this and once she starts showing more interest/curiosity then slowly introduce it. You’re fine in what you are doing.

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