Denver Society Of Model Railroaders

The basement of Denver’s Union Terminal (Union Station) houses one of Denver’s most exciting, historical attractions – the oldest and one of the largest O Scale (1/4 inch = 1 foot)model railroad layouts in the country. The “Colorado Midland Railway” layout encompasses 6500 square feet, spans over 70 years, and, continues to be maintained and expanded by club members of the Denver Society of Model Railroaders. The “original” Colorado Midland Railway was abandoned in the early 1920’s so the club has taken a few liberties with the rolling stock, including diesels and mid-20th century railroad cars, which are lettered, for this now defunct railroad. The model railroad reflects the landscape of Colorado spanning our members’ interests from the transition period of the 1950’s to the present era of hi-tech diesel locomotives. Club members privately own most of the equipment; however the equipment owned by The Club is lettered for the Colorado Midland Railway. The layout is comprised of two separate mainlines; narrow gauge (3 feet between the rails) and, standard gauge (4 feet 8 and one-half inches between the rails). The trains travel over 4000 linear feet of track, some pre-fabricated; some painstakingly hand-laid. It takes almost 30 minutes to traverse the standard gauge mainline (approximately 1600 linear feet of track) and 25 minutes to traverse the narrow gauge mainline (500 linear feet of track).. Both operations represent Colorado mountain railroading at the turn-of-the
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