Could you help me re-word something on my resume, please?

Question by Babies ♥: Could you help me re-word something on my resume, please?
I don’t have a talent in putting professional words together. So, could you help me out?

It’s just the part where I say what I’ve done with that paticular job….

1. (at a furniture store, i interned by helping move furniture, lamps, tables, and different things around to accent the different sets)
“Assisted adviser by placing appropriate accents within showroom.”
– I dont think that sounds professional enough.

2. (I worked as a receptionist, and I think this carrys on, but I would like a lot of detail in it)
“Assisting patients, answering/directing phone calls, operate fax, copier, and scanner. Took messages, sending/making memos, dealt with patient files and creating labels.”

3. (I worked at aeropostale…. enough said)
“Provide quick, available, and friendly customer service skills, register trained, stocking floor, and floor recovery.”

Thank you for helping! 10 points best answer =)

Best answer:

Answer by janice4jc
1. You might want to add the word “staged” or “staging” to your description somewhere. I believe that is the term used for arranging furnishings and accessories in a manner that accentuates the product.

2. Try to keep the same verb form throughout your description. Use either verbs in the past tense “ed” or “ing” but try to avoid combining them. For instance, “assisted patients, answered/directed phone calls, operated various office equipment, maintained patient files and labeling systems.

3. Same thing: “provided prompt and courteous customer service, operated cash register, stocked the floor…”

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