Could I Teach a Dog to Go to its Bed Instead of Crate Training?

Question by Adriana: Could I Teach a Dog to Go to its Bed Instead of Crate Training?
I will be getting a dog soon, a toy maltese, and I’m SO excited and indescribably happy. My only problem is “Crate Training”.I really don’t feel it’s the right thing to do, to just put your dog in a crate and just, leave it in there. I am an extreme dog lover and I would curse out anyone, or even knock them out if they tried to hurt a dog. Even if the dog is homeless, it really doesn’t matter to me. I consider dogs to be part of the family, and family member should not be locked up in a crate. Instead, I would have suggested to teach my soon to be new puppy to “go to his bed, or corner.” My cousin has had her Shih-Tzu dog for about 8 years. Maya (Shih-Tzu) was never crate trained before, and I have to say she is THE best trained dog I have ever met. I am NOT exaggerating. My cousin taught Maya to “go to her bed” when she was getting out of hand. If Maya did something wrong, my cousin took two pieces of paper, rolled them up, and then, not being too hard, spanked Maya on her backside. This to me would definitely be a good form of discipline without being too rough. Maya definitely benefited from this and she did learn not to do what she wasn’t supposed to do. My cousin did have to put a diaper on her for a while when she was younger, but she did get into the habit of going out side after every meal. Now she knows if she ever pees on the carpet, there will be “spankings” or “go to your bed” punishments. I am wondering, are “spankings” and “go to your bed” punishments just as effective as crate training?
Thank you for answering if you did, and I know. I am a complete wuss when it comes time to discipline your dog, especially because I am getting a very tiny one. But, I hope I will just learn how to “man up” and take action, but for know, I’ll do the light spankings and beddy time 🙂

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Answer by Britny
Of course you can..its the same principle as teaching it to go to its crate. Just work with him, and if your not sure then just post another question asking how to teach your dog to go to its “place”…where ever that may be and you should get plenty of helpful answers. Good Luck

And just a tip, the bed or crate should NEVER be used as a punishment…There are other ways to discipline your dog, such as a time out which is just as if not more effective. Please keep that in mind, and be sure to never make the bed a punishment or anything negative.

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