CityRail’s Waratah A Set 8 Cars @ Macarthur, NSW, Australia 2011

The CityRail A set or Waratah is a class of electric multiple unit operated by CityRail in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The train was named Waratah by the NSW Government after the flower of the same name, which is the state’s floral emblem. The design is based on the M set and is the largest rolling stock order in Australia’s history. The 626 carriages will replace all 498 non-air-conditioned L, R & S set carriages and provide additional capacity for passenger and network growth. Delivery commenced in July 2011 and is expected to end in 2014. The trains consist of eight car sets – a break from the previous standard Sydney practice of two four car sets, which are then coupled into eight car trains. The configuration is: trailer driving car + motor car + motor car + trailer car + trailer car + motor car + motor car + trailer driving car. This means that guards operate from the rear of the train rather than the centre and that commuters are able to walk through the entire train in an emergency. The trains include external CCTV cameras to assist guards. Inside, the train includes additional Emergency Help Points and CCTV cameras. Axis Communicationswas awarded the contract to install the train’s extensive system of 98 CCTV cameras, which are linked together with Power over Ethernet and utilise Progressive scanning technology to allow capturing of events in clear high resolution, with no distortion in quick movement individual frames. The CCTV cameras are designed to
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