Can you mix and match Bachmann Train E-Z Track types?

Question by frankmoore: Can you mix and match Bachmann Train E-Z Track types?
I have a Bachmann HO scale train which came black base E-Z Track. I recently purchased some some additional E-Z Track with a gray base. I didn’t think to ask at the store because I didn’t think that there was a difference until was reading through my Bachmann catalog and noticed that what I purchased was Nickel Silver track what I have is Steel Alloy track.

My question is this: can I mix Nickel Silver track with Steel Alloy? Are there any potential issues with doing so?

Lastly, I see that the Nickel Silver is actually about 40% more expensive than the Steel Alloy. Is it a better track material?

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Answer by October
Nickel Silver is much better track. It conducts electricity better than Steel Alloy, and you don”t have to worry so much about cleaning it because when it oxidizes it still conducts electricity unlike the steel or copper which has to be cleaned regularly. The is no problem with mixing them but your train might run a little unevenly. I suggest you replace the steel with the silver little by little as you can afford it.

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