Can I become more flexible so I can learn Wushu Kung Fu?

Question by Ukeles: Can I become more flexible so I can learn Wushu Kung Fu?
I’m twenty two and I want to learn Wushu Kungfu. I don’t want to be a professional at it or anything but I would like to get to a good level. It’s my dream to learn and I also want to get fit and be healthy. I just want to know if twenty two is too old to be getting into martial arts and if it’s possible to become more flexible at this age. My assumptions are that when you’re a kid your still growing and can train your body to be flexible but when you an adult your bones “set” and you can’t ever become more flexible than you are. But I think of people who take up yoga and they seem to become more flexible so I’m wondering what’s true or not. Do I have even a moderate chance of being good at Wushu?

Right now my flexibility level is touching my toes with no bent knees but not much than that.

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Answer by Tacos Rule!
dude you can be more flexible at any age. especially 22

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