Can certain factors determine someone’s sexual orientation?

Question by : Can certain factors determine someone’s sexual orientation?
Please help me by answering the following short questionnaire. The questionnaire is for a survey research project for one of my college classes, and I need more than 20 people to answer it. Therefore, I chose to post up the question here hoping to garner more responses. I also chose to post it here so that people do not have to submit their names on the questionnaire if they wish to remain anonymous. I ask, that if you choose to answer the questions to be completely honest because complete confidentiality is assured. You can either submit the questionnaire here or answer it and e-mail it to

Please feel free to ask any further questions if needed; do not hesitate to contact me through my e-mail (

Thank you to all those who choose to participate :]


1. What is your sex?

2. What is your age?

3. What is your religion?

4. What is your gender identity (male or female)?

5. What is your sexual orientation?

6. Are you happy or in acceptance of your sexual orientation? Why?

7. How sure are you of your sexual orientation? On a scale of 1 through 10, with 1 being not certain, 5 being in doubt and 10 being completely certain.

8. At what age did you know what your sexual orientation was?

9. Describe your childhood in one word.

10. Describe your relationship with your parents or guardians during your childhood and growing up? Did you have both a male and female role model growing up?

11. Which of your parents or guardians did you have a greater bond with?

12. Did you experience any traumatic events growing up or during your childhood? Elaborate.

13. Describe your childhood playing patterns. Think about your relationships with peers and siblings, and what kind of toys or games you preferred to play with.

14. Think about your first crush, what was that person’s gender?

15. Think about your first Halloween, what did you want your costume to be? What did you end up dressing as? (If you do not celebrate Halloween, answer “Do not celebrate Halloween”)

16. Have you ever had or considered a non-traditional relationship in accordance to your sexual orientation? (e.g. if you are heterosexual, have you ever had or considered a homosexual relationship; and if you are homosexual, have you ever had or considered a heterosexual relationship) Elaborate.

17. Is it possible for someone to willingly change or choose their sexual orientation or sexual preference?

18. Has your sexual orientation ever changed? (For example, at one point you might have been heterosexual, and then crossed over to being bisexual.)

19. Have you ever felt peer pressure in regards to your sexual orientation? How?

20. Do you have any blood family members that are homosexual or bi-sexual? (If needed, more answers can be written.)

1. Relationship: __Sibling __Parent __Grandparent __First Cousin __Other (explain)
Sex: __M __F
Age: ______
2. Relationship: __Sibling __Parent __Grandparent __First Cousin __Other (explain)
Sex: __M __F
Age: ______
3. Relationship: __Sibling __Parent __Grandparent __First Cousin __Other (explain)
Sex: __M __F
Age: ______
4. Relationship: __Sibling __Parent __Grandparent __First Cousin __Other (explain)
Sex: __M __F
Age: ______
5. Relationship: __Sibling __Parent __Grandparent __First Cousin __Other (explain)
Sex: __M __F
Age: ______

21. Have you ever experience any of the following (check all that apply):
____1. Inadequate parental relationship
____2. Domestic violence
____3. Childhood sexual trauma
____4. Early interest in sex
____5. Peer pressure (in regards to sex or sexual orientation)
____6. Permissive childhood training
Thank you for your detailed and insightful answers 😀

Best answer:

Answer by Wisdom
1. Male

2. I’m 20.

3. Catholic Christian

4. Male

5. I’m gay.

6. Yes I am happy for accepting myself. It has liberated me.

7. On a scale of 1-10, I’m a 10. I am completely sure of who I am.

8. I never knew the word for gay people until I was 12. I was raised in a socially conservative family that never taught me to be anything but straight and get married. I remember having feelings towards other guys and the male form when I was a young boy, but I never thought anything of it until I hit puberty, which was when all of my sexual feelings started to manifest themselves. I started to realize that I was sexually attracted to men and not to women when I was 13, no matter how hard I tried to be attracted in that manner to women. I accepted who I was when I was 16 after falling for this guy in my statistics class. I could no longer deny who I was, as I never had those kinds of feelings for women. I never felt the capacity to love them, whereas with men my heart fluttered just at the thought of them.

9. Interesting lol.

10. My family definitely had its problems, as does EVERY family. Yes, there were some significant problems between my parents, but they always provided for me with whatever I needed. I did not go without, even though sometimes funds were tight. I had both a male and a female role model in my life. My mother worked a lot, so I did not see her as much as my father. My father and I had a wonderful relationship. I gravitated towards him, which a lot of male children do. He was dad. Children see their fathers as superman while growing up. I was no exception. Regardless of the problems, I had healthy relationships with both my parents.

11. Father.

12. Yes. My father had an alcohol problem and a prescription drug addiction. There was a lot of friction between my parents because of it. The problem was fixed over several years, though. The problems forced me to mature faster than my peers because I had to learn to take care of myself as my parents dealt with their issues. While it was painful, I have been strengthened as a result. Regardless of my father’s issues, he and I still had a wonderful relationship and a lot of bonding time.

13. I was like any regular boy. I liked cars. I loved Hot Wheels lol. I LOVED building model cars and boats. I liked swimming and hiking. I had two female cousins that I played with a lot. Sure they had their dolls and made me play with them. It was actually fun playing house with them haha. I also had a huge thing for zombie video games and my best friend Jeremy and I would reenact scenes from the video games all the time lol.

14. My first real crush was on a guy.

15. I was the red Power Ranger.

16. Yes. I have been in several gay relationships.

17. No. It is possible to REALIZE your sexual orientation as you get older, but you do not choose it.

18. No. I am gay.

19. Oh of course. Growing up in a conservative Christian family was immense pressure on me. My school didn’t help much, either.

20. I believe my uncle Tony is bisexual. I’m not too familiar with the sex lives of my extended family members, I’m sorry.

21. Nope. None of those.

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