Can a lionel train reverse?

Question by o7buster: Can a lionel train reverse?
I have a 40’s to 50’s lionel train, and I finnaly got the conttroller working, the “direction/whistle” switch for it though doant work, I tried using jumper wires to run it in reverse but it just went forward. if they are supposed to go in reverse, how should the wiring work, and if some one has a 90 watt “Multi-function controller” and can show the piece of copper inside, that would be great!!!!!

I figured out that the train was “fixed several years ago and to fix it, it meant that it could only go forward. so all I need to know is what the controller does to make the train go in differant directions. if it is a simple polarity change, or something more.

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Answer by still learning at 53
I can tell you that yes they go in reverse as my old train set does, but I am sorry I can not tell you the other items you need. Hope you get it fixed. Did you try the Lionel website? They have a great customer service department and may be able to offer you the advice you need. Also try a local model train hobby club (go to a store that sells trains and they will be able to tell you how to contact the local club). Enthusiasts are always willing to help each other out with that kind of thing. Best wishes!

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