Burnden Junction

Burnden Junction
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Image by Ingy The Wingy
British Railways English Electric Type 4 1Co-Co1 class 40 diesel-electric locomotive number 40181 of Longsight Diesel TMD passes Burnden Junction in Bolton on the Up Main line with the 09:35 Glasgow Central to Manchester Red Bank Carriage Sidings empty coaching stock (5M12). Sunday 23rd September 1984

Burnden Junction signal box was located on the Down side of the line just north of Weston Street underbridge, and was a Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Standard design which opened in 1903 fitted with an 80 lever Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Tappet frame. Closure came on 8th December 1985 when signalling passed to Bolton power signal box

The Pratt Truss gantry the train is passing beneath carries (left to right) Burnden Junction signal box 65 signal (down goods loop to ?) with 66 signal (down goods loop to down siding) below, 67 signal (down goods loop starting) with Bolton East Junction signal box’s down main distant signal below, 69 signal (down main to down siding, 73 signal (down main starting) with Bolton East Junction signal box’s down main distant signal below, Bolton East Junction signal box’s down through to down main distant signal, 76 signal (down main starting to down through) with Bolton East Junction signal box’s down through distant signal, and 50 signal (down main shunt ahead) below, 28 signal (set back up passenger loop to up sidings) and 11 signal (up passenger home 2) with 8 signal (up passenger home 2 to up main) below

Just to the right of 76 signal was a doll carrying 70 signal (down main starting to up Burnden fork) with Rose Hill Junction signal box’s distant signal below it, and there were also two further miniature arms below 28 signal, 30 signal (set back up loop to up Burnden fork) and 31 signal (set back up loop to branch sidings)

All the tubular posts carrying a Burnden Junction signal box down signal had a white diamond which indicates to the driver that his train is occupying a track circuit that indicates his presence to the signalman. Although the signal box’s 1974 diagram shows that only the down main line and up passenger loop running signals had diamonds fitted

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