Buckethead’s Soothsayer performed by amazing Michael Shulman @ Union Square 5/12/2010

I don’t usually start stories like this but… OH MY GODDDDDD You know those moments when you step off some random bus and just by chance find yourself in the middle of complete awesomeness? This was nothing short of one of those. I had just come from the Samsung Guiness World Record dodgeball game in NYC and stepped into the subway to find this. I yelled on top of my lungs “BUUUCCKKEEETTHEADDDDD!!!”. Pretty much everyone there looked at me like I’m crazy. One guy even looked at his friend, pointed at me and said “Meshuggah”. What a wonderul observation on his part! Michael, you truly did an amazing job, I never knew Soothsayer could sound any better than it already did. I never knew I could experience such an amazing moment in my life. Thank you!! ———————————- Michael Shulman performing electric violin to Buckethead’s Soothsayer. Pretty freakin’ awesome, hope you enjoy!!

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