Best way to start in g scale (track)?

Question by Alex H: Best way to start in g scale (track)?
Ok i have a train set from bachman im happy with and want to set up a layout in my backyard. I know bachman track is horrible yada yada yada… but what track is best? (USA, LBG, ARISTOCRAFT). They all have been labeled “out door track” but which one is better?

I know opinions are a factor so please say WHY you like a sertain track not just “i like arisocraft!”……

Also, where could i get the track cheapest? or would it probably be better to look at my local-ist store (2 hours away) which ive been 2 twice for HO stuff?

THANKs!!! -the G scale newbie

Best answer:

Answer by Joe M
I have bith LGB and Aristo track and both are about the same, when it comes to switches LGB is best but hard to find. Depending on where you live the East Coast Large Scale show in York is a good place to buy track. The show is March 27 and 28.

Joe M

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