Bachmann Power House train set

This was kind of a “concept” train set Bachmann made in the early 80’s. It featured 3 accessories (pipe loader, cattle loader, and turnout) that were activated by stopping the engine over the activator, and reversing it. A clip on the track held the engine in place as one of the rear wheels spun a wheel on the track (like how many of the Tyco US-1 trucking accessories work). I first got this one when i was 5. And even with help from my parents we couldn’t get the set to work right. So i wound up operating the accessories by hand. It didn’t last long and i only have the power pack and 2 pieces of it now. Then in 2007 i got a complete set off Ebay. And this time i got it hooked up right (the metal wires that connect the accessories to the activators were the problem). This system did have drawbacks. The train had to be in the same order all the time so the cars matched up. And you couldn’t run the train the other way unless you removed the holding clips on the activators. The turnout was kind of cheesy because all you could do was pull the engine and reefer into the spur. Then back out again. The engine itself (a Santa Fe U-36-B) was modified in that only 1 wheel on 1 axle had a traction tire so the activator wheel could turn while the others spun on the rails. Needless to say having 1 traction tire cut it’s pulling power. And because of that other engines wouldn’t work with the set. As far as i know this was the only example of this type of set Bachmann made. Though they

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