Atlas Santa Fe EMD SD24

Atlas Santa Fe EMD SD24
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Image by contemplative imaging
Altas Santa Fe EMD SD24 diesel locomotive in HO scale.

These were the first "second generation" diesels produced by EMD, along with the GP20. They were refered to as "second generation" because they were the first diesels marketed to replace DIESELS, not steam engines on American railroads. The Santa Fe traded in their EMD FT’s for these units and the new GP20’s.

The SD24 was basically the same as the SD7 and SD9’s, with a chopped nose and a 2,400 turbo-charged 567 diesel engine — the first time EMD every put a turbo on one of their diesels. While the Santa Fe had no love for high-hood units, other railroads, like Southern and Burlington, ordered them with high hoods.

The Santa Fe was a big fan of the SD24, and owned 80 of these units. The black & silver "zebra stripe" paint did not last long, as the Santa Fe soon switched to the blue and yellow frieght scheme after the first few units were delivered.

Olympus E-510 DSLR
Olympus ED 14-42mm f3.5/5.6 zoom
ISO 400 – RAW

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