Are there some male dogs that are just impossible to house train?

Question by Jem: Are there some male dogs that are just impossible to house train?
Do you think that putting a cloth diaper on the dog is a solution to the problem, OR just a quick lazy fix to the problem. The pic is of a dog wearing a specially made diaper to prevent him from marking in the house.

I’ve been seeing MANY small male dogs that are over a year old that are being re-homed by their owners because of their problems marking in the house.

I’ve heard some say that house training and marking in the house are two diffrent things, and that its “OK” that he tries to mark everywhere because its his “territory” , and that he “is fully house trained” if he poops outside, and marking in the house doesn’t count. Is that BS to you?

I think that if a male puppy is strictly house broken while hes still young, he won’t mark in the house when hes older, and if an owner is too lazy with training a male pup, it’ll be too late after he matures, and it’ll be extremely hard to train it out of him.
Am I right?

To note where I came up with that idea, I was conned years ago into buying a dog at a yard sale for a deal of a steal, he was a very cute toy Poodle. He was very friendly and outgoing, but when I brought him home, he wouldn’t stop marking everywhere, and he’d hold it in and pee just a little to leave his scent on everything, no form of punishment would get it though his head that it wasn’t OK, and that peeing was for outside only. I was at my wits end and re-homed him to someone else that I remembered that wanted him at that same yard sale that I first got him from.

I had a male Chihuahua when I was a child that would never mark in the house, I thought that it was maybe because we were so strict with his training as he was a pup.
Is neutering after a “cure” to it???

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Answer by greg b
yes dogs that are not neutered are harder to house train

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