Are there hobbies that involve making things?

Question by warrior58_06: Are there hobbies that involve making things?
I have been look around this God forsaken internet for hobbies that involve making stuff. Alot of them are mediocore stuff that a child would do. Does anyone know of any hobbies that are really kool to do? I like art stuff. I also want a hobby that is unusual and not a lot of people do it. I dont what a hobby like making jewelry.

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Answer by Alex-1-26
I make a lot of things out of beads. I make jewelry, but not as much. It is really fun to make things out of beads… you can make just about anything out of them. Try adding beads to one of your clothing items, like the straps to a tank top, or a belt.

There are also other things like painting… you can paint ceramics, or get some medium sized poster board, fold it in half, put paint on one side(do not use a brush) just splatter it on the one side… many colors! then push it together and peel it apart… when it drys it looks really cool!

You could try drawing! use charcoal pencils…close your eyes and shee where you mind takes you. It is really fun and it calms nerves really well!

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