APT-P Power Car @ NRM Shildon

APT-P Power Car @ NRM Shildon
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Image by jalapenokitten
The sad saga of the APT-P launch in the early 80s is a well known one, and the sorry state of this surviving power car almost seems appropriate. What most people don’t realise is that although the project was "cancelled" the trains still in use today on both the East and West Coast Mainlines (Pendolino on the WCML and IC225 on the ECML) are derived from the APT-P – indeed the original project name for the ECML IC225 project was APT-U.

In reality, the APT-P project failure was more a failure of management and PR than of the design itself; by the time the six prototype sets were withdrawn they were working without fuss, doing what they were expected to do.

Incidentally the Railway Age museum at Crewe has a partial (6 car – the full train was 14 cars) APT-P rake on display.

For more information on the Advanced Passenger Train project, please see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Passenger_Train.

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