Anyone know a HO Model Train Expert/Addict?

Question by jest1esta: Anyone know a HO Model Train Expert/Addict?
I have acquired a collection of 1950-1960 HO scale model train cars. They are not assembled; each in thier original boxes; along with bridges; tracks and ALL the little parts and pieces; even landscape materials. I need a link to help determine thier value. Any real help will be sooooo much appreciated!!!!

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Answer by rcguy52
Any ideas on who makes them, that and their condition will vary their selling price. A good way to get an idea of “trends” is to check major sites like Ebay… those will tell you pretty quick wether they are worth something or not. Hope this helps somewhat, alot of older model train guys like to collect old things from their past as “nostalga” or “memories of old times.” Hope that helps you out some.

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