Algebra 7/8 hw…can you help?

Question by Nun: Algebra 7/8 hw…can you help?
Jennifer and Jason each earn $ 6 per hour doing yard work. on one job Jennifer worked 3 hours, and Jason work 2 1/2 hours. Altogether, how much money were they paid?

During one day of the journey the wagon train descended from an elevation of 2850 feet to a spot on the desert floor 160 feet below sea level. What was the net descent of the wagon train during the day?

use a unit multiplier to convert 1.5 km to m.

What is the probability of drawing a red face card when drawing one card from a normal deck?

20mi/1gal x 1gal/4qt

1wk 2days 7hr – 5days 9 hrs

Three identical boxes are balanced on one side of a scale by a 750-g mass on the other side of the scale. What is the mass of each box?

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Answer by H
($ 6/hr) * (3+2.5)hrs =

2850′ – (-160′) =

(1.5km) * (1000km/m) =

6red&facecard / 52cards =

5 mi/qt

(7+2)days + 7hrs – 5days -9hrs = 3days + 2?hrs

3boxes = 750grams —> 750/3 grams each

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