A model railroading question this time around?

Question by Samurai Hoghead: A model railroading question this time around?
With model railroad sound systems now being very sophisticated in what they are, couldn’t a DCC decoder be set up for rolling stock sound, as with locomotives? (Not livestock sounds, which have been done and didn’t do well. It was limited to stock cars. The choice was pigs or cows.)

I mean sounds such as flat spots, flange bind, clickety-clack, etc., for road operations appropriate to the era, and for yard operations including sounds like pin pulling, big hole, coupling, knocking off a brake, sliding wheels account not knocking off a brake, etc… or combine them for total effect. First the sliding wheels, then the flat spots.

There would be up-grade kits for non DCC rolling stock you may have.

Do you think this might fly? When considering locos with factory sound systems and those without it can get real pricey, but on the lower end the cost is about $ 60 and up between the two. But, rolling stock sound doesn’t have to be synced up to the large extent that loco sounds are. Standing alone, would this defray the cost of the unit to an appreciable extent? Or is it the speaker system that carries the bulk of the expense, as one would expect? Non-sound DCC decoders can be had for as low as $ 23, accounting for in the $ 40s for the speakers. If so, with fewer and simpler sounds, could a speaker system do well if it didn’t have to spec out as well? Perhaps smaller, to further defray the cost?

Do you think this might fly, even if the first design was a flop owing to its limitation? If a modeler, would you add (up grade) some to your freight rolling stock or, if dad is a modeler would you get one for him for tomorrow being Father’s Day? Is there any way I can get rich from this idea?

All answers to this question appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Turkey Toes
Your sound project for model railroading sounds really cool. I think you could get rich with this idea!

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