360102 Bethnal Green 10th-June-2008

360102 Bethnal Green 10th-June-2008
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Image by AndrewHA’s
Privatisation of British Rail has sprung up a number of Interestingly good liveries , however this is NOT one of them ! I find this livery, plain ,boring unappealing and does nothing for "Brand-Image" .

360102 hurries past Bethnal Green Station, heading down-hill to London’s Liverpool Street terminus , to pick a train load of commuters bound for East Essex at the start of the Evening Peak-Hour on Tuesday 10th-June-2008.

This is the part of the "East-End" of my Birth , well about 2 miles up the Cambridge Heath Road , from where this was taken . An area which has changed so much over the last 50 plus years , but to me it is still my (spiritual ) HOME !!