221g B1 Hyd US Consulate wait time?

Question by Ramprasad Velavarthipati: 221g B1 Hyd US Consulate wait time?
I had an appointment July28’2010 Monday at Hyderabad US Consulate.,
I work for an organisation which already has BEP processing at chennai., but they insisted me to attend here itself in Hyderabad.,
I was interviewed by a Lady VO to the left corner most line.,
She asked my Name., took the folder and asked which company I work and how many months Im working for!!
I said *** Company and 5 months exp in the present company
and also Salary!!which I have answered the same
She immediately gave me a 221(g) white slip(probably a normal white paper slip width of a scale) which has nothing more than a case number
and asked me to go to another room and another lady gave me a questionnaire asked to fill all the details.,
though I have all the supporting docs., she didnt ask for those., except for she asked for my latest resume., which I dont have., so she gave me a blank sheet and asked me to write my resume and hand it over.,
passport is with her only!!
Im having training session which starts by July 12.,
how should I follow., and when can I expect to get a response from them
Same Monday evening I opened the pdf link given and saw my case is updated to “pending” state!!
Did Any one faced the same issue like this??
If yes how much time you got the visa stamped??

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Answer by rikas_22
I am waiting for that administrative processing for over 6 weeks now man…eventhough, some people get it in 2 or 3 weeks…we cannt predict any timeframe in this…

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