What are some things i can research about?

Question by rocker chick: What are some things i can research about?
So our teacher just gave us a project saying we can research about ANYTHING
me and my friends decided to do models in New york city
so what are some questions i can probably form to research about

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Answer by cat
Decide what you would like to know more about or think about some question you wish you knew the answer to and research that. Why is the sky blue? Why was the Magna Carta important? How did dogs become domesticated? Why do people lie? Why hasn’t the oil spill in the Gulf been stopped? What does it take to become a railroad engineer? Where does electricity come from? What are the origins of democracy? These are some ideas.

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Are there hobbies that involve making things?

Question by warrior58_06: Are there hobbies that involve making things?
I have been look around this God forsaken internet for hobbies that involve making stuff. Alot of them are mediocore stuff that a child would do. Does anyone know of any hobbies that are really kool to do? I like art stuff. I also want a hobby that is unusual and not a lot of people do it. I dont what a hobby like making jewelry.

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Answer by Alex-1-26
I make a lot of things out of beads. I make jewelry, but not as much. It is really fun to make things out of beads… you can make just about anything out of them. Try adding beads to one of your clothing items, like the straps to a tank top, or a belt.

There are also other things like painting… you can paint ceramics, or get some medium sized poster board, fold it in half, put paint on one side(do not use a brush) just splatter it on the one side… many colors! then push it together and peel it apart… when it drys it looks really cool!

You could try drawing! use charcoal pencils…close your eyes and shee where you mind takes you. It is really fun and it calms nerves really well!

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What are your favorite jazz songs?

Question by Joey B: What are your favorite jazz songs?
I’m a jazz vocalist and arranger, and I’m curious to see what everyone likes.

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Answer by Michael
Oh man, it changes every day. I’ll give you a few that I’m really into right now, and then a couple classics.

Maiden Voyage/Everything In Its Right Place- Robert Glasper
Moanin’- Mingus
Emancipation Blues- Oliver Nelson
Isfahan- Ellington
Everything Happens to Me- Danilo Perez
Cottontail- Ellington
The Scenic Route- Matt Wilson
Blue 7- Sonny Rollins

These are just a few of my favorites, I’ll be interested to see what other people answer with!

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Nürnberg – Verkehrsmuseum

Nürnberg – Verkehrsmuseum
electric trains
Image by roger4336
These are two of the main exhibits in the Transport Museum. The class 05 streamlined steam locomotive was built in 1935-1937. One of them broke the world speed record for steam locomotives with 200 kph (125 mph) in 1936. The E19 electric locomotive was built in 1938. Development of these locomotives was stopped by World War II and not resumed after the war.