2011 Lionel Train Fastrack Layout

This years temporary train layout is no more. Our 6×10 layout operated with Two Freight trains and a Passenger train. Lionel New York and Penn Flyers and a Lionel Amtrak. There is an MTH bump and go trolley and the city scene included K-Line SuperStreets. The Layout used Fastrack powered by 4 Transformers including CW 80s, an LW and a TW. PW items include the Lionel 397 Coal Loader, a 193 Flashing Water Tower and a couple 6520 Searchlight cars. This is a temporary model railroad Layout 6’x10′ that sits on 3/8 plywood on a 1×2 frame. The frame is set on empty 5 gallon paint buckets. The only part of the Fastrack that is screwed down are the bumpers for the MTH bump and go Trolley. The layout is broken down completely and will be rebuild next winter, but will be different and possibly bigger. Conventional power with toggle switches creates two separate power blocks. The Yard spur is block switched so an engine can be parked and a single train can operate on both inner and outer loops. For more information on O Gauge model railroads see www.ogaugerr.com and for Fastrack information groups.yahoo.com

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