1948 lionel train set?

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how much is a 1948 Lionel train set worth?

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Answer by nycguy10002
That is a very good but difficult question to answer.

This isn’t the kind of question than can be answered well w/o someone being able to actual examine the set.

A lot depends on the condition of the set, is with the original box (and what condition is the box in). Then you have the issue of how many were made and how many are still out there. The more available means the less someone would be willing to pay for it.

My suggestion is that you check your area (look in hone book or online) for stores that sell model railroad trains and supplies and see if they can provide any information.
Check magazines such as “Model Railroader” for model railroad dealers and shows in your area. If you go to a dealer or show make sure you bring the set with you so that it can be examined.

You can also look at on line auction sites like ebay to see if any sets are being offered and how much people are paying.

Good luck.

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