02.20.10 Finally opened up the Birthday package from Absinthedaze!

So after receiving the package about 1 week ago I finally got around to taking the time to make a video of me opening up the package and at the same time sending my REAL thank you to Andrew for not only sending me a small gift but to MAKE IT TOO!!! BUT not only him another youtuber name RATROD481 as well! he made me an artist piece! It was a flat car with a rocket on it. Certainly no meant to be a realistic load but on the artistic siude of the hobby. He makes sculptures like this in a bigger scale as his hobby so I am sure it took him much effort and time to make for me. Silly me for not adding it to the video but I put in in my display case and when I began shooting I got into the zome to I went straight from start to finish and forgot to get it. My bad, but I will add it in a later video! Back to ABSINTHEDAZE (Andrew) Thanks a lot dawg!! Very kind and very thoughtful!! WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY DAWG???

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